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A coming of age story about a young church girl named Danielle Ross who runs away from her past life due to her mother’s death only to find a new passion in singing rhythm and blues with her friends, Florence Ballard and Mary Wilson as she changes her name to Diana.

​The three girls started a singing group called The Primettes as Smokey Robinson introduces them to the owner of Motown, Berry Gordy where they joined the record company, and later became the Supremes. Yet, due to Diana’s relationship with Gordy, the friendship that Diana had with Florence and Mary becomes tested as she fights to defend Gordy.

​While Berry Gordy gives up on Motown after getting sued for conspiracy, fraud and racketeering, Diana grows into becoming a famous celebrity pop star and shares her musical gift on her world tour. As she grows into being a mega pop star, she soon realizes that the three things that are missing in her life are her church, her friends, and most of all, her family.

​Diana seeks guidance from her aunt who reminds her to fallow her dream and use her gift for the sake of knowing who she is and where she came from. By the end, she regains her strength and courage to stand out amongst all others.

​She continues to her success, blazing away in all of her accomplishments for her family, for women, for black people, for singers, performers, and entrepreneurs who control their own destiny. And most importantly, she does this for her country and for the entire world to rise above adversity as one of the greatest performers of all time, Mrs. Diana Ross!”

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                                                                             HONOR, CELERATE, CONNECT                                                December 2018

           Travis Archer is a 21
year-: old senior film major at Mercy, College, Dobbs Ferry. His career goal is to produce feature-length animated films.Hobbies include drawing animals, writing short stories, bicycling, and acting., '